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Our commitment is to provide high quality, accountable and measurable working practices, using talented and experienced individuals to add measurable value to your initiative or business.

Additional to our internal resource, we can add value by drawing on our exceptional pool of associates and strategic partners on three continents who bring considerable expert knowledge and competencies to provide you and your clients with commercial advantage and first class service throughout the duration of our relationship.

Our associates are individuals who bring a wide range of complementary competencies, skills, knowledge and connections to the team from their experiences as business owners, entrepreneurs, senior executives and managers in the out of home, media, marketing and technical services sectors.

These experts widen and deepen the level of service we can provide to you, enabling us to draw off this experience and to put together highly skilled project teams quickly in order to respond to your needs, be they ad-hoc or project based, start-up or ongoing.

Our associates and strategic alliances provide Imperative with capability and reach across Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australasia.

These talented individuals bring a wide range of competencies to the Group including:

Audio Strategy
Media Development
Change Management
Network Design & Management
Commercial Development
Operations Management
Content Acquisition & Syndication
Product Development
Copy Writing
Production Management
Corporate Finance
Proof of Concept
Insight & Research
Retail Media Strategy
IPTV & Streaming Content
Strategic Planning
Interactive Applications
Thought Leadership
Legal & Compliance
Training & Education Workshops
Marketing Communications
our geographic scope
Our geographic scope

The Imperative Group's founder and Managing Director is Chris Heap, a 12 year veteran of developing digital Screenmedia product, service and media solutions for retail, leisure, corporate, technology and out of home media clients.

  Specialism Experience
Chris Heap Digital Screenmedia plannng, development, communication and execution specialist Retail buyer, senior marketing and insight executive for a number of brand and media agencies, business development

Chris has accumulated over 12 years of commercial experience in the fields of brand, marketing, media and business development working directly for key retail and media businesses as a client and supplier. He has worked in FMCG retail (commercial & purchasing) and in various marketing, research and business development roles for media and network owners in the digital out of home sector.

At Viacom, Chris led the insight department and was on the development team for the cross track projection product back in 1998, now sold by CBS Alive as XTP.

At AEI Music (now Mood Media) he was responsible for marketing and brand for the Group. Chris was instrumental in the acquisition of the BP, Gala Bingo and Arcadia managed music contract wins/renewals amongst others.

He latterly joined the Instrumental Media Group, Chris contributed to the development of several capital projects including Tesco TV, the Life Channel, Mall Corporation. Following Tesco TV’s rollout in 2003, Chris became General Manager of How and Why, the consultancy business within the Group.

Between 2005-8 at CAN Media, he contributed to the development of BPtv and the Life Channel, which grew from 600 sites in 2005 to over 3,500 sites and from net revenues of £500,000 to over £15m pa through a significantly enlarged community proposition that spanned surgeries, waiting rooms, schools, community venues and pharmacies in the UK. Chris’s broad contribution to CAN Media included business development, project strategy & delivery, marketing communications, media development, PR and research management.

Specified and managed over €1m of bespoke research into Digital Screenemdia effectiveness.

In early 2008, Chris founded the Imperative Group in early 2008, a global independent Digital Screenmedia development, communications and execution agency

Wrote the acclaimed POPAIdigital “Guide to Digital Media in Retail” (2008, revised 2011), click here to see a summary

Chris is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM) and holds a BA (Hons) in Consumer Psychology from Bristol University. More information can be viewed here:

Chris lives in London.

Short biographies of selected associates are listed below, in alphabetical order.

Ralph Ahern

Digital Out Of Home Media Development Specialist

Senior Account Manager at Viacom Outdoor, Head of Concessions at Titan Outdoor and Commercial Director at Digicom


Ralph is a successful sales and commercial manager with a media career spanning nearly 30 years. Having started with Thames TV in the early 80’s as a Sales Exec, he became the Commercial Director at Digicom, the newly formed digital media sales house in 2008.

He joined TDI advertising in 1995 as the Senior Account Manager and was appointed to the role of London Sales Manager working alongside Alison Reay and Clive Punter in 1997 when TDI became Viacom.  In this role Ralph managed a sales team of 30 and had prime responsibility for maximising advertising revenues from the outdoor specialists which today through consolidation have become Posterscope, Kinetic and IPM.

Ralph moved to the commercial side of Viacom’s business as Franchise Manager in 2001 and took on responsibility for developing and renegotiating advertising contracts worth in excess of £30million. This included some of the UK’s largest bus groups such as Stagecoach, Arriva, First Group, National Express, London United and many others. This role gave Ralph valuable experience and knowledge of the operational and business development side of Viacom’s business both in the UK and Europe.

In 2006 Ralph joined the newly formed Titan Outdoor as Head of Bus concessions with departmental responsibility for budgeting and forecasting. Ralph managed the successful tendering process for many bus contracts across the UK including Transport for London fleets and larger regional fleets such as Nottingham City Transport and Rotala. 

Ralph moved into the digital market in 2008 working alongside Tom Goddard, founder of Digicom and his former CEO at Viacom Outdoor. Ralph gained invaluable knowledge and experience of the digital market while establishing the ‘start up’ business. Having presented to over 100 prospective networks, clients, and media agencies, he was instrumental in signing up Digicom’s first network Amscreen, as well as increasing Digicom’s profile to businesses associated with the digital market. 

In recent years Ralph has been approached to work for several businesses and as a result in October 2009 he formed the Ahern Partnership. Ralph is married to Jane and they have two teenage daughters. His favourite pastimes are golf, tennis and motorsport.

Ralph lives near Milton Keynes, UK.

Gaye Bennett

Production Strategy, Project Management & Client Service Specialist

Creative Director at i-vu & Director of Production at MusicandBrands


Gaye has over 12 years of experience in the home entertainment and media industries. She started her career at The Edge Picture Company, where she developed content for Tesco’s touch screen kiosks before taking her production and project management skills to Deluxe Digital Studios. On joining the emerging DVD production industry, she helped to create award-winning titles for companies such as BBC Worldwide, Columbia Tristar and Universal Pictures. 

Gaye was headhunted by MusicandBrands Ltd, an international creative ideas company in 2005, to lead and expand their production department. In 2006 Gaye was invited to join the board of directors and became responsible for directing and managing all production and operations-related processes, creative strategy and all creative output.

Gaye conceived, assisted acquisition, developed and produced a Deal or No Deal DVD Game, which became the biggest selling non-movie DVD ever (1.6 million units sold to date) and produced products that have sold in excess of 5 million units globally helping to establish MusicandBrands as a market leader in special interest interactive products. Gaye was instrumental in the formation and ultimate product delivery for a global output deal with Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment for the exploitation of their leading brands in the interactive consumer DVD market.

In 2008 Gaye was appointed International Creative Director of i-vu Ltd, a leading digital out of home network providing one-to-one interactive content to customers in high-end hair salons throughout the UK and US. Magazine style programming, dynamic content and interactivity providing the ideal platform for brands including L’Oreal and RedKen. Gaye’s remit was to create a global content strategy and new brand direction, encompassing latest technologies to attract incremental advertising revenue to the network.

Currently Gaye is combining her production, content strategy and project management skills as a consultant for a leading iPhone Application Development Agency on content and brand acquisition.

Gaye lives in London, UK.


Bill Collins

Custom Audience Research and B2B Go-to-Market Specialist

Formerly a Senior Analyst at InfoTrends, Co-founder of AKA.TV, Organizer of OVAB (North America), Product Marketing Manager at Cincom Systems and Marketing Communications Manager for Roland DGA Corp


During his nine-year career in the digital out of home media sector, Bill has developed a knowledge base of expertise in the provision of strategic consulting and custom research services to clients including Best Buy, 3M, Philips Design, Christie Digital Systems, C-nario, Barco, LocaModa, How & Why, Benjamin Moore & Company and the Out of home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB).

Throughout this period, Bill has continued to play a leading role in the development of the digital out of home industry in North America. Bill co-founded and co-published, the world's first advertiser-supported news-and-analysis website to cover the global market for place-based audio/video networks at retail and digital out of home media which was a natural extension of Bills path-finding publication “Narrowcasting News”, the world's first periodical publication of any kind to provide news and analysis on the Digital Signage market, first published in 2001.

Bill was also an architect of what has become the Out of home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) of North America and co-authored the world's first syndicated research report on Digital Signage networks for InfoTrends (formerly CAP Ventures) in March 2001.

Bill maintains his industry presence by attending and headlining at industry events where he is often invited to contribute & present and to moderate & chair expert panel sessions. He currently provides strategic & tactical custom research & advisory services to operators of digital out of home networks and to vendors who provide products and services for those networks.

As an associate of Imperative, Bill is able to bring a range of experience, knowledge and know-how relating to the digital out of home, consumer research and North American markets to the Group, specifically in the fields of developing go-to-market plans for companies that are seeking to enter the digital out of home market in North America.

Imperative can also leverage Bills’ skills with those of associates in the UK to create highly customized consumer research programmes (intercept interviews, focus groups, shop-along research etc) to help network operators, retailers and brands understand what content works for whom, where it best works and what that means in terms of commercial ROI.

Bill lives in Cincinnati, USA.


Bryan Crotaz

Digital Signage Solutions Architect and Product Strategist

Formerly Inspired Signage R&D Director for AMX


Bryan is a highly accomplished solutions architect with 15 years of experience in the broadcast and digital signage industry. Over these years, Bryan has delivered sustainable and scalable product, technical and commercial solutions for brands including the Discovery Channel, BBC Archives, Barclays, Heathrow Terminal 5 and most notably the award-winning real-time scoreboards at MCC Lord’s cricket ground and O2’s UK retail stores. 

Bryan was the inventor of the Inspired Signage digital signage product, which he sold to AMX in 2007, a company in which Bryan became Director of Research and Development for Inspired Signage at AMX. Here he designed the new generation of AMX signage platforms to meet the complex demands of rollouts measured in thousands of players. 

Bryan develops systems that stand up to long term use through a combination of forward planning, automated control and real-time management information and fault monitoring and works with existing products, custom scripting, and bespoke software. In doing so, Bryan creates simple interfaces for users that make the complexity of the systems behind easy to understand and manageable to use.

Bryan helps Imperative by identifying and designing systems with real-world usability, he assists in technical evaluations, creates specifications and can provide initial technical orientation work for early stage network owner/operators based on the strategic objective.

Lastly, Bryan is an expert in designing and building bespoke software that brings together, or converges, multiple products together to create a seamless technical solution. Bryan regularly lectures on software development techniques and presents at trade shows & conferences.

In what he jokingly calls his spare time he is an accomplished ballroom, swing and tango dancer, makes silver jewellery, is a stone sculptor and builds robots.

Bryan lives in London, UK.


Bertrand Le Ficher

Digital Media and Content Strategist

Formerly Executive Director of the Out Of Home Media Division of the Thomson Group, Head of Premier Retail Networks (PRN) in Europe and extensive senior level broadcast experience for over 20 years


Bertrand Le Ficher brings 20 years in-depth expertise in entertainment, media, new media, Internet and digital out-of-home industries. He started out at MGM’s international film marketing department in Los Angeles, being responsible for the marketing strategy of movies.

In 1990, Bertrand joined TF1, the leading TV broadcaster In France. As head of programming, he created new prime-time formats that became leaders in their respective programming slots. In 1993, he took over programming and brand for NBC EUROPE.

As executive vice-president of programming for FRANCE 2, the French pubcaster, Bertrand conceived a new programming strategy that allowed the network to increase its market share and to rejuvenate its audience. Bertrand also initiated the digital strategy for the broadcaster, leading the developments towards thematic channels and the Internet.

In 1995, the BERTELSMANN Group recruited Bertrand with the mission to create and launch AOL in France. As general manager, he brought AOL FRANCE to the leading position in the market.

In 2000 he joined the media division of LVMH Group, as president of the international new media branch, where he set up the first bouquet of web TV channels in Europe.

He founded THINK TWICE, a consultancy specializing in media and new media in 2002, delivering strategic, content-related, marketing and digital strategy consultancy services to media, new media, advertising agencies and brands. Bertrand also conceived and developed one of the first “out-of-home” television channel in Europe for J.C DECAUX, “AEO”, a digital channel dedicated to airports’ audiences, generating a new revenue stream for the company.

In 2006, Bertrand was appointed executive director of the “out-of-home” media division of the THOMSON Group, head of PRN EUROPE, the world leader in “in-store” television, and Chief Content Officer for Europe, Asia and Latin America. Under his tenure, PRN activities have been launched in France, Spain, Poland, China and Brazil and major clients were gained such as Carrefour, La Poste and Auchan.

Being also head of content strategies for PRN outside the US, he designed digital in-store communications strategies for major brands and leading international retailers in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Finally, Bertrand was instrumental in establishing the first forays of the PRN brand in UK, Belgium, Italy, Russia and Turkey.

Bertrand is a business graduate from Audencia Business School, Nantes, France.He attended a Master’s degree in communications at Celsa, La Sorbonne, Paris. He holds a Master in media management from the Annenberg School of Communications, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Bertrand lives in Paris, France.


Dave Gittins

Network Development Specialist, Australasia

Formerly National Sales Manager for Total Concept Projects, General Manager of Prime Digital Media (AUS) and Founder of the Innovation Hub


Dave has over nine years’ experience in the Australasian market providing advisory services to retailers and corporations, developing new digital signage solutions and managing existing networks.

From 1996 to 2002, Dave managed and grew a successful audio visual retail business in London before relocating to Sydney, Australia in 2002 to work in a national sales role for Total Concept Projects, developing new business with customers across retail, government and hospitality markets in Australia and Asia Pacific.

Dave then joined Prime Digital Media in 2006 as Group Operations Director to lead the development of a network operations department in a new and ambitious business, overseeing the selection of vendors, design & deployment of a 700 site/3000 screen network and the subsequent management of the network and production studio.

In 2010, Dave became an independent consultant to the digital signage and place based media market in Australasia, providing expert technical and content strategy services to companies looking to deploy digital signage or to optimise existing networks, with clients such as St George Bank, Cisco, Pacific Brands, Telstra and Sydney Convention Centre.

Today, Dave also helps Imperative by providing close-contact client, network development and on-going management support to customers in Australia and New Zealand and works closely with Imperative to provide, with other local partners, an experienced and robust end to end solution.

Dave lives in Sydney, AUS.


Andrew Griffiths

Audio Strategy Specialist

Formerly a presenter & music programmer for Hallam FM and GWR-FM, Creative Director for DMX Music (now Mood Media) and Head of Programming for Inflight Productions 


Andrew has over twenty years of audio production and programming experience, gained in some of the largest radio markets in the UK. He has also contributed to the creation of in-store media strategies for some of Europe’s largest retail & leisure brands.

Andrew began his career at Hallam FM, gaining a thorough knowledge of the broadcast chain, especially audio production techniques. In 1993, Andrew moved to GWR-FM as a presenter and became heavily involved in the station branding for all of GWR Group (now Global Radio) before moving to DMX Music in 1995 where he established the company’s European wide broadcast music and advertising channels.

He moved on to manage the development of music & audio strategies for brands including New Look, Arcadia Group and Pret a Manger, audio visual messaging for Thomas Cook, Top Notch Health Clubs, Brewers Fayre and generic broadcast music and messaging for Wilkinson, Focus DIY and Tesco. Latterly he was responsible for the creation of bespoke retail radio stations for WHSmith, Morrison’s and BP Connect.

In 2002, he became Head of Programming for Inflight Productions, providing bespoke radio programming, licensing and acquisition services for Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, KLM, BMI and Singapore Airlines, National Express, Virgin Trains and Patient TV.  He was tasked with delivering content strategies that maintained or grew revenue opportunities in a difficult period in aviation companies’ incomes.

Since 2005 Andrew has provided consultation services to a number of global businesses on audio strategy and production. These include a multi-national telecoms business, a Dutch media hardware and content aggregator and a provider of intelligent telephone contact systems. Andrew also owns and manages a successful photographic studio in Milton Keynes.

Andrew lives near Northampton, UK.

Amanda Groom

Multi-channel Content Strategy & Syndication Specialist

Formerly Head of Channel Health and Executive Producer for Pearson Television. Founder of Strand Media Consulting


Amanda is a UK/Australian Business Woman of the Year finalist (2009) and founder of Strand Media Consultancy. With 20 years experience in global media, Amanda’s experience includes award-winning programme production & branded content creation, global channel launch and leadership, strategic media analysis, identifying & creating new media business including revenue streams, audiences and managing stake holder/client management, investments & portfolio management.

She combines creativity with solid business management, leading global start ups across B2B and B2C television/multiple platform channels, has developed cross-platform digital content strategies and designed interactive, multiple platform and mobile concepts for global and UK networks.

Amanda has consulted to senior Broadcasting and UK Government level on maximising media’s reach to strategic audiences and across multiple & digital media platforms. She has strong organisational skills and is an excellent communicator with a proven talent for generating business, meeting financial targets and creating high profile, innovative and award winning TV & multi-channel media concepts.

Amanda lives in London, UK.


Jennifer Harris        

Strategy and business development specialist

Founder of JRBH Strategy Management and columnist for Management Today magazine


Michael Mascioni        

Researcher, Writer and Trend Analyst in Digital Media

Former Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics. Interactive Digital Conference Creator & Program Director, Managing Editor for A&A Monthly on Interactive Entertainment.


Michael is a market researcher, writer and trend analyst with a broad background in interactive/digital media. He is a specialist in assessing the opportunities that interactive and digital technologies in public places provide for users and businesses and has extended that specialism into cutting edge technologies and applications including alternate reality games, virtual worlds, user-generated content and video on demand.

Over the past few years, Michael has written several seminal reports on topics including user generated content and interactive TV advertising for clients including AT&T, Burson-Marsteller, HBO, Sony Pictures, Paramount Communications, IMAX Corporation and Image Entertainment.

Michael is also a regular contributor to off and online trade publications including Digital Signage Today, Internet Evolution and Video Age International and regularly writes on digital media, video, and other topics including white papers on interactive experiences in public places and online events.

As a senior analyst in the Broadband Entertainment Group at Strategy Analytics, he devoted special attention to analyzing the prospects for such new digital services and applications as video on demand, user-generated content and virtual worlds. In addition, he served as a research associate in consumer electronics at LINK Resources, where he conducted research on such topics as cable TV and home video.

Michael is also a new product developer. He conceived and delivered the Intertainment conference on interactive entertainment and developed the A&A Monthly piece on Interactive Entertainment, which he was Managing Editor of. These innovations represented the first products to examine the interrelationship between all forms of interactive entertainment and cover a broad range of interactive entertainment applications in public places.

He has maintained his position at the forefront of digital media by creating and delivering the groundbreaking conference, “Revolutionizing Interactive Marketing in Public Places- the Mobile and Gestural Digital Signage Imperative” which preceded the Digital Signage Expo in February 2009.

Michael continues to contribute to a wide range of trade journals and think tanks. Most recently, Michael joined as a contributor to the DailyDOOH blog. Michael holds an M.S. in Management from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU and a B.A. in English from St. Lawrence University.

Michael lives in New York City, USA.


Andrew McCall      

Insight & Research Strategy Specialist

Formerly Head of New Business Development at Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television, founder of Inside Broadcast, Managing Director of How and Why and founder of ROI Team


Following a substantial career in broadcast television for Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television as Head of New Business Development and latterly as founder of Inside Broadcast, a specialist broadcast and out of home media consultancy business, Andrew focussed on developing digital out of home networks. Between 2004 and 2006, Andrew was a Director of the Instrumental Media Group, co-founding, an online news & information website for the digital out of home sector.

During this period Andrew was appointed MD of How & Why, Instrumental Media’s business planning consultancy. Using commissioned and existing research How & Why modelled business plans and strategies for a number of digital networks, notably for The Mall Corporation, Tesco and the Life Channel.

In 2006, Andrew founded ROI Team, advising clients on how to address business challenges and strategies using hard evidence derived from primary and acquired research relating to retail and shopper behaviour which is very much at the heart of ROI Team’s work. In 2009 ROI Team won the Enterprising Business Award from WestFocus, a consortium of UK universities.  

Andrew’s married to Jolanta and they have one daughter, Marta. He’s also a dedicated amateur singer, singing early choral music and opera for Esterhazy Singers, Philharmonia Chorus, and Midsummer Opera.

Andrew lives in London, UK.


Alex Ostrowski

Digital Out Of Home Solutions Architect

Formerly Director of Business Development and Senior Systems Engineer for Premier Retail Networks (PRN) / Thomson SA


Alex is an accomplished solutions architect with 12+ years of hands on experience in designing, implementing and operating the largest digital out-of-home installations in the world.  He has built lucrative solutions for high-profile clients, including Wal-Mart, Costco, Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, Sam’s Club and Carrefour.

As the Director of Retailer Development for PRN, he assisted with the expansion of the company's Digital-Out-of-Home ("DOOH") media networks for U.S. and international retailers, contributing to the business framework development, conversion and creation of new media networks.

Alex's career in the DOOH sector began in 1997, where he played an instrumental role in establishing PRN as the industry leader by launching Wal*Mart's first in-store network.  In 2010, this network grew to more than 4,000 installations.  PRN's aggregated network encompasses 6,500+ retail installations, with over 200,000+ displays.

Alex's strong technical background in digital media networks emphasizes the following capabilities: Software platform selection & design; Video network design and distribution; Audio network design, coverage / directionality; Network layout, media management and data delivery; Network implementation, management and operations; Hardware vendor equipment selection and sourcing; Integration, shipping and installation training & oversight; Business intelligence modelling.

Through his business development background, he's proficient in understanding client requirements and conveying those requirements into an appropriate platform design, based on standardized industry metrics. Additionally, Alex is an accomplished, visionary leader with a focus on driving positive financial impact from solution design, client management, sales, marketing and business development perspectives. He has delivered successful solutions in fast-paced, changing and challenging environments.

Alex lives in San Francisco, USA.


Stephen Randall 

Social Media, Mobile Technology and Product Strategist

Founder and CEO of LocaModa Inc, Founder and EVP of Symbian Ltd, President Psion Software PLC and Technology Advisor to European Parliament


Stephen has been a leading mobile computing entrepreneur for over 15 years. He is founder and chief executive of LocaModa Inc., a technology company extending the reach of place based social media to millions of mobile consumers in thousands of locations.

Prior to LocaModa, he was a founder of Symbian, the world’s leading mobile operating system provider with over 200 million units shipped across approximately 250 different phone models. Stephen served on Symbian’s Operational Board from 1998 to 2002.

Prior to Symbian, Stephen was the architect of Psion PLC’s licensing strategy where he restructured the company to form Psion Software, which as Joint President, he helped build into the global licensing business that was spun out to form Symbian. During that period, he also served as the Chairman of The Ambient Computing Working Group, advising the European Parliament on roadmaps for pervasive computing. He was also a founder of pen-based computing company, Eden Group, which was acquired by Geoworks.

Before venturing into mobile computing, Stephen had a career in music technology, developing the world’s first digital guitar, for which he received a British Design Award from HRH Prince Phillip.

Stephen lives in Boston, USA.


Fiona Ryder

Multi Channel Media & IPTV Specialist

Formerly founder of Cube Music, Board Director of Immedia Broadcasting and Managing Director of Stream Exchange


Fiona has over 20 years experience in the media, film, TV and technology sectors.  An innovative former commercials producer, she spent the last 15 years at CXO level, developing branded digital media channels and networks for multinationals in the out of home market, both outdoor and in-store.  

She established her first digital out of home company in 1994, which pioneered the use of big screen advertising at live music and sports events.  In 1999 she founded her award winning company, Cube Music, which rapidly became a leading content and signage provider in the market, winning major accounts and rollouts for retailers including Topshop, Topman, Toni & Guy, Burberry, Etam, Tammy and World Duty Free.

Cube created and distributed media to over 2,000 sites and was responsible for some of the leading innovations in the sector. Her work with Selfridges for the Bodycraze event earned her and her company the accolade of Best Retail Theatre.  She sold Cube to Immedia plc in 2006 and left the enlarged company late 2007. In 2008 she co-founded StreamExchange which provides cross platform media distribution and content syndication operating across the business, retail and professional content industries.

Fiona specialises in helping clients realise the value of content and audiences using multiple technologies including web, digital signage, IPTV and mobile. She is a passionate evangelist of social and new media and has a comprehensive knowledge of the technologies needed to deploy successful branded rich media solutions on a cross platform basis.  She is a guest lecturer at Nottingham Trent University and regularly consults on the use of emerging technologies for brand communication and marketing.

She studied Film and Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster (BA Hons) and is a Board Director of a number of companies, both in the UK and in Canada.

Fiona lives near Norwich, UK.

Joy Salisbury

Media Development Specialist

Formerly Content Director for Bates Dorland, Channel Editor Tesco TV & Director of the CAN Media Group


Joy started her career in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Saatchi & Saatchi in the 80’s as a media buyer, before moving on to media research with the AGB group.

The 1990 Broadcast Act expanded the relationship between advertiser and broadcaster and Joy moved into the then very new area of Advertiser funded programming, initially with programme Funding, a small specialist consultancy, and latterly with Bates Dorland as Ad-funded Programming and Content Director

In 2004 she joined Instrumental Media Group to run Tesco TV as Channel Editor with responsibility for senior client relationships and for the Tesco Group responsible for producing all on-screen material for the seven channels on the Tesco Network. Her role encompassed dealing with all stakeholders in the network from the Media sales team at JCDecaux through to the technical team at Innov8, the content management system service providers.

On leaving Instrument she joined CAN Media Group, the principal part of the business is The Life Channel, a community focused out of home TV network with outlets in GP waiting rooms, schools, dentists,  community centers, play centers, and community centric retailers. The network services government at national and local level and other community and social agencies providing a highly targeted and tailored communication vehicle. In addition to running The Life Channel the company runs networks on behalf of retail clients and Joy pitched for and won the pilot for BP Forecourt and C-Store Screens Network which ran from July 2006 until March 2009.

Joy lives in London and St Ives, UK.


Where additional resources are required, Imperative will work with you to identify the skills required and seek to engage additional resource as necessary to complete the project team.

If you would like to know more about our associates, our working practices or would like to become an associate, please contact us

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